Artist and CEO of Vettrynn Entertainment

Vettrynn is from Kingstree, S.C. She reside in Columbia, S.C. 

Vettrynn Was  inspired by her mother and family of business owners to become an entrepreneur. In our interview with Vettrynn she stated that, “This entertainment business is very special to me. Creativity is my gift. I have been writing creatively since I could hold a pencil. I’ve written everything from songs to poetry, short stories, skits, books and more. I am now publishing these works. My dream has always been to write and to entertain. I was deeply inspired to become an entrepreneur in the entertainment business by my late brother, Herm Junya, former CEO of his music label “Junya World.” I learned through him that life is best lived doing the things that we love. Now I share my gift with the world through Vettrynn Entertainment.”

Vettrynn Entertainment is based out of Columbia, SC. “I am the main artist at this time. I am a singer, songwriter, poet, author, Jingle and script writer and performer. I have created songs in almost every genre of music to include Hip Hop and R&B, Country, Rock, Soul, and Blues. Some of the services provided include song writing and editing script writing and musical performances.” ~Vettrynn~

Vettrynn Entertainment will be expanding in 2022. She will be performing in several states throughout the US. Vettrynn Stated, “One of my songs will be featured in an upcoming film by another very talented director. Vettrynn Entertainment will be releasing lots of new material, including the upcoming release of a short musical film and the launch of a podcast entitled Vettrynn’s Voice. 2022 will be a very exciting year.”

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